5 Quick Tricks to Make Morning Exercise Easier

When you’re ready to be a morning person—at least when it comes to your workouts—check out these tips

It’s not easy getting up before the sun to fit in a workout, but there’s no doubt that it’s good for you. Exercise at any time of day will bring benefits, but there’s a reason so many people hit the gym first thing in the morning—it’s efficient and effective.

Getting to the gym right after you wake up ensures that your hectic schedule won’t get in the way later on and early risers enjoy an energy boost that can last well into the day. When you’re ready to be a morning person—at least when it comes to your workouts—check out these five quick tips to make morning exercise easier.

Prepare the night before. You’ve likely heard this one before and that’s because it’s one of the best things you can do to set yourself up for your workout. Laying your clothes out (or sleeping in them, if you prefer) means one less step in the morning—it’s just one less excuse.

Move your alarm clock out of arm’s reach. It’s easy to fall victim to the snooze button when it’s within arm’s reach. Placing your alarm clock across the room will ensure you get out of bed and walk over to it—once you’re up it’s much easier to stay that way.

Open the curtains. Natural light tells your body it’s time to wake up and just a few minutes of sunlight can go a long way. Simple tricks like opening your shades and turning your bed to face the rising sun or standing by the window for a bit will help your body know that it’s time to get moving. If you’re getting up before the sun, experts suggest investing in a light box.

Find a friend. Setting a time and sticking to it can be hard when you’re the only one who suffers the consequences of a missed workout. If you have a friend counting on you to be at the gym early, you’re much more likely to show up. No one wants to be the one sleeping in and possibly derailing their friend’s fitness plans, set a time and you’ll look forward to seeing your buddy bright and early.

Find a workout you’ll look forward to. It’s hard to get excited about anything besides your warm bed early in the morning, don’t make it harder by planning a grueling workout of sprints and burpees—pick something you love. Whether you have a favorite fitness class or just really love running outside, be sure to make that the focus, at least until you get the hang of waking up for early workouts.

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