40 Weight Loss Tips for People Over 40

Don't be discouraged; it is possible to lose weight even with slower metabolism and other factors


People have more difficulties losing weight as they get older. A slower metabolism is just one out of the many reason why. Diet mishaps tend to hit harder and last longer.[slideshow:85544]

But there are also hormonal changes happening, Megan Lyons from The Lyons’ Share Wellness says. “Any imbalance makes dropping extra pounds more challenging because the body naturally wants to hold on to more weight.”

The body is also a lot more resilient when you’re 40, she adds. “It has been mistreated for too long with refined sugar, processed foods and other bad things that slow the metabolism down.”

A third reason is life pressure. For people in their 40s and older, it’s work, teenagers, careers, to name a few. It is possible to lose weight but it’s a bit more work.

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