4 Ways to Find a Fitness Friend

Working out with a friend brings a bunch of benefits, pair up to get closer to your fitness goals

Regardless of how much you love exercise, sometimes it can get tough when you’re going it alone. Even the most die-hard runner or cyclist can occasionally benefit from the motivation, mentality and social atmosphere of a fitness friend.

With all the benefits you can enjoy by including a friend, you might be thinking it’s time to find a workout buddy. If you don’t exactly know where to start, we have a few ideas.

Ask Around
Active co-workers, family and friends are great resources and even if they’re not available to meet up, they might know someone who is free when you are. Simply mentioning that you’re looking for a workout buddy in your social circles is a great place to start.

Check Online
From Google to social media sites and beyond, the internet is a surprisingly effective tool for finding fitness groups. Websites like MeetUp.com are made specifically for connecting people in real life and sports and fitness are a big section of the site. Whatever your active passion, you should be able to find a community close to home by using the internet and after a few meetings, you might be able to find a friend with a similar interest and schedule.

Hit the Gym
While your typical gym routine might mean logging miles on the treadmill with your headphones in, the gym might also be a great place to find a workout buddy. Group fitness classes, special events or simply socializing with people at the gym can help you meet someone who already has a gym membership and a similar schedule.

Try New Things
You might find a few local communities that feature sports you’ve never heard of or wouldn’t normally think to try, but it’s key to be open to new things. Taking a chance on a different type of activity will help you become well-rounded, it could help you meet a new workout buddy and you might even discover a new passion in the process.

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