3 Things You Should Do Before Every Workout

These tips could help you avoid injury and keep you at your best

It seems our schedules are busier than ever and when we do find time to work out, many of us are tempted to save some time by skipping a few steps. Before you rush into the gym, though, take a look at the three things you should do before every workout. These tips could help you avoid injury and keep you at your best.

Proper hydration is crucial for a productive, cramp-free workout, but it’s tough to know how much water is enough. When hydration is dependent on factors like size, activity levels and how much you sweat, you need to determine how much water is best for you personally. Ideally, though, hydrating for an upcoming workout should start hours beforehand—in other words, you shouldn’t be chugging water 10 minutes before your workout to overcompensate. Drink water throughout the day and increase your intake an hour or two before your workout to avoid dizziness and cramping.

Plan It Out
Walking into the gym and then deciding what you’ll do for the day is a lot like walking into a grocery store without a list and then deciding what you might need—there’s a good chance you’ll wind up wasting some time. It’s a good idea to formulate a plan based on your goals before you head to the gym. Thinking about the plan will help get you in the mindset to work out and it’ll help you save time.

Warm Up
Just as it’s crucial to make time for a cool down period after a tough workout, it’s important to fit in a warm-up. Preparing your body for exercise can help prevent pain or injury and when it comes down to it spending a few minutes warming up is worth it in the long run.

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