Exercise Tips for People in Their 50s

Make the most of your workout without doing twice the work
20 Exercise Tips for People in Their 50s

Many people have had a moment in their lives where they see a person who is older than 50 and think “I want to look like that when I’m that age.” Achieving this long-term goal is not as hard as it sounds.[slideshow:104191]

As the body ages, it is not as responsive to sudden changes, and this is just another reason to work out and maintain a certain fitness level.

The older people get, the more health risks they face. This is where keeping an active lifestyle comes in as one of the most important prevention methods.

The biggest motivation for people to start exercising is to look good naked. While there is nothing wrong with that – whatever gets you moving, right? – working out has more perks. Longevity is one of the most important ones.  

Studies have linked light jogging to living longer – just 2.5 hours a week of the aerobic exercise can add between five and six years to your life. You can extend that by tweaking your training regimen in five more ways.

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