Exercise Tips for People in Their 40s

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20 exercise tips for people in their 40s


Welcome to your 40s. You may think your 20s were recent history, but they are actually ancient history. You might have been able to fool yourself in your 30s, but that’s over now.[slideshow:104198]

They don’t call it the Big 4-0 for nothing. And now that you’ve reached middle age (sorry, but it’s true; 45 is halfway to 90), there are some special concerns for staying fit.

Adjusting to new routines such as consuming fewer calories because the metabolism is slowly declining and lifting weights to build musclebecause we lose muscle mass as we get older, are facts of life.

Aging also means decreased energy needs. That’s why having an extra cookie or a serving of fries may have visible consequences around your waist at 40 – an inconceivable result at 25. Diet mishaps tend to hit harder and last longer.  

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