17 Tricks to Quickly Chase the Blues Away

This is how you can quickly and easily boost your mood

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Everybody has bad days. Who hasn’t had to deal with work overload, bad job interviews, trains and buses running late, and traffic jams? The key to not let a temporary impediment transition into a long-lasting bad mood is how you handle the situation. You may not believe it, but finding joy is easier than you suspect.

A study has suggested that circumstances account for only 10 percent of what makes people happy. In comparison, about 40 percent has to do with our own actions. So as soon as you get off that delayed bus, forget about the hellish experience, smile, and absorb the sunlight to brighten your day. Eat a few pieces of dark chocolate to make the afternoon even better.[slideshow:82248]

Your daily “glee cocktail” can have many more ingredients. None of them have to be Xanax, another anxiety medication or antidepressants.

“You are what you eat” is true when it comes to your mental health as well. You need to consume healthy foods – vegetables, fruits, nuts, legumes, more fish, less meat – for a long-term good mood and reduced risk of developing seasonal depression (SAD). An easy energy and mood booster can be a quick workout, a massage or talking to a friend.

What people do is influenced by their behavior. Some research is showing that feelings emerge as a result of our actions. That means that you should smile to force yourself feel happy. Also, if you pretend to be thrilled about something, you will actually get to feel like that. Talking about manipulating your brain!

What gets people down varies with each person’s personality, but the natural ways to chase the blues away are fairly universal. Going on vacation is everyone’s favorite. But what if you need to bring yourself up quickly before, let’s say, a meeting with a client? You can’t control the weather, so going outside for fresh air may not be an option. Now what? Don’t despair. You can control pretty much everything else.

Here is a list of a few proactive ideas you can incorporate into your daily routine to easily boost your mood and avoid feeling down. Most can be done in a few minutes.

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