17 Tips for Keeping Your 2017 Fitness Resolutions

Gym-goers have already done a lot of the hard work, but many challenges remain


You may not be part of the nearly 50 percent of Americans who make New Year’s Resolutions that include losing weight, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t set new goals anyway. Chances are that the start of 2017 is making you think of new accomplishments you want to reach in the next 12 months.[slideshow:96622]

“Generally speaking, gym-goers should have an easier time sticking to their resolutions,” Exercise Physiologist and Nautilus Fitness Advisor Tom Holland, says. “One reason is that they have experience with what it takes to achieve certain fitness goals, thus they will set ones that are challenging yet achievable while giving themselves adequate time to do so.”

Second, people who are in the habit of workingout on a regular basis have already done the hard work and made exercise a routine – something the vast majority of people struggle with, he adds. “Consistency is everything when it comes to sticking to your resolutions.”

The primary tip on sticking with your schedule is to make it a priority, Holland says. There is no way around it. “My busiest and most successful clients all schedule their workouts with the same importance as they do a business meeting. You should, too.”

Sports psychologist Dr. Stephen Graef has developed acronym with keys to success – put bad habits in the P.A.S.T. It stands for Past, Arrange your environment, Stick to one thing, and Too easy to fail. 

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