17 Healthy Habits That Keep You Young

Getting old doesn’t have to be degenerative

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Don’t smoke, eat better, and exercise – these are often referred to as the basics of longevity but the reality is a little more complex and a lot more fun. You still absolutely must quit the nasty habit of smoking, but feeling and looking younger for a long time depends on a few more easy tricks you can do during the day.

Getting old doesn’t have to be degenerative. “Small changes can lead to big, powerful shifts that can vastly improve [people’s] health while overriding the effects of aging,” says Amanda Rose Walsh, certified fitness trainer, boxing champion and yoga instructor. “I share with my clients and students simple ways they can improve their health and almost immediately THEY start to feel better.”[slideshow:82618]

To show people that celebrating more birthdays can actually be a good process in life, Annie Lin from New York Life Coaching helps people see their life as “a hero’s journey so that they include aging as part of the path to achieve deeper wisdom.”

People with poor mental health are more likely to be diagnosed with chronic physical conditions, according to a recent study. Mental and physical health must go hand in hand to benefit your body in the best possible way. So don’t exercise more when you should be sleeping and don’t overwork yourself when you should be out in the sun.

You can’t stop the clock, but you can slow its effects on your body by slightly tweaking your lifestyle. No major changes are required (except absolutely no smoking). You also don’t have to spend thousands of dollars a year on facial creams or plastic surgery to look young.    

Whether age is just a number depends on how you live and treat your body. Cut the culprits that age you prematurely to a minimum.

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