16 Tips to Make 2016 Your Fittest Year Ever

Take a few easy steps towards getting fit this year

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It’s January 8 and if you’re still going to the gym on regular basis, congratulations! You are a step closer to achieving the most trending New Year’s resolution in history – to get fit. You just have to stick to it for another 51 weeks. Thankfully, you don’t have to suffer because there are plenty of options for you to make 2016 your fittest yet.[slideshow:82039]

The basics of success are setting an attainable goal and making your journey to reach it as fun as you possibly can, Theresa Racicot, certified personal trainer and yoga instructor, and founder of AeriaLibrium, says. “People have to find something they love doing, something that makes them excited because that means they’ll stick to it,” she adds. Experiment and find out what that is. It could be boxing, swimming, weightlifting, working with a personal coach or a friend. Who knows…

It’s hard to stay as motivated as on January 1 to work out ix times a week, eat only healthy foods, and run a marathon when on January 2 you actually have to wake up at 5 a.m. to jog when it’s 30 degrees outside. No one will blame you. A quarter of the people who decided to get fit in the new year gave up within the first week, according to a study.

“A resolution is a new habit,” Racicot, says. “I tell a lot of new people in my classes ‘Let’s do one a week. We’ll work on it together.’” No one sticks to a purpose without making a few exceptions along the way. If you decide to drastically change your daily routine but have a dessert here and there, then you’ll be sad and discouraged. “If it’s not fun anymore, you won’t do it,” she adds.  Be honest with yourself and what you can actually achieve in a certain period of time.

Here are a few ways that will help you reach your long- or short-term goal.

1. Jog once or twice a week


“A lot of changes at once is overwhelming,” Racicot says. In the spirit of taking it slow: You won’t get fir unless you work out. Start with adding a couple of slots in your weekly schedule for running, or brisk walking at the very least. Half an hour will do the trick of maintaining a regular weight.

2. Try a fitness app

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“Using a health and fitness app is very individual,” she adds. “It’s all about how you find accountability towards achieving your goal.” Apps can be a good source of keeping track of what you eat, how many calories you consumed and burned, how much you’ve progressed. They can also be very useful in coordinating workouts with friends. Some of them also have the roll of a personal trainer (but one that you don’t pay).

3. One good habit at a time

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Don’t change your diet in a “cold turkey” style. “Say to yourself ‘This week I’m going to eat more greens. Don’t say “I’m never going to touch a fry,’” Racicot says. Set small goals in a positive way and add on once you’ve achieved them. Avoid words like no, never, no more. After you’ve survived the first week with eating more salads, try to replace meat with more fish the second. Keep in increasing until it doesn’t feel like trying anymore. Do it at your own pace. “It all comes back to building a habit. Start slow and have a plane for incremental increase.”

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