16 Surprising Habits that Are Aging You

You may want to think twice before doing any of these things again

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The key formula to living a long and healthy life is not so hush-hush – eat right, sleep well, exercise more. All three will inevitably help you feel better and stay in shape. However, some of our small daily habits can have a tremendous effect. How you treat your body and skin impacts not only how you feel, but also how you look.[slideshow:82278]

Plastic surgery has its risks. So why not avoid such radical actions and stick to natural ways to prevent premature aging? You know the most common reasons why you start to see wrinkles – cigarettes, sun exposure, UV rays, and, of course, age.

But do you know that drinking through a straw and yawning can also make it look as if you skipped through time. Genes are also a factor. But since you can’t choose your parents, we’ll leave that one alone.

Take the usual precautions: Don’t ever leave the house with putting on a sunscreen. The harmful UV rays penetrate the clouds and get to you. They go through your car’s windshield as well. They change the DNA in the skin which leads to premature aging and, possibly, skin cancer. Quit smoking and get at least seven hours of sleep.

Check the following list for other culprits

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