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Ladies: It’s time to show your body (and mind) some love. May 12 to 18 is the 14th annual National Women’s Health Week (NWHW). This year’s theme, “It’s Your Time,” promotes self-awareness and self-care among women. The goal? To educate women on how to keep themselves healthy and happy for life.

The week encourages women to take control of their health by eating a balanced diet, exercising regularly, maintaining a healthy weight, avoiding risky behaviors, managing stress, and scheduling regular preventative medical checkups and tests. To celebrate, we’ve rounded up 15 of Greatist’s most informative and thought-provoking resources on women’s health.

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General Health

A Lifetime of Medical Checkups
Save this cheat sheet and never be confused at the doctor’s office again! Regular medical exams can save your life, no matter if you’re 20 or 75. Study up on when to hit the MD.

The Ultimate Guide to Vitamins and Minerals
Eating a balanced diet with plenty of fruits and veggies is the best way to incorporate vitamins and minerals, but taking supplements can help fortify the bod. Here’s a definitive list of all of the power players and how they affect health.

How to Live Forever
The quest for immortality is as old as life itself. What are the habits of those who live the longest? Start eating less, moving more, and reducing stress during your salad days to add years to your life.

All the Sleepy Ladies: Why Women Get More Tired than Men
New research suggests women are more likely than men to say they’re tired. They’re also more likely to experience sleep disorders, and to be disturbed by their bed partners. We take a look at the science to figure out why.


Birth Control

The Ultimate Guide to Contraception
Everything you ever needed (or even wanted) to know about preventing pregnancy, from the efficacy of certain methods to their side effects. All parties involved in intercourse should be responsible for choosing and using contraception.

News: Birth Control May Eventually Hit Pharmacy Shelves
Easier access to birth control pills for women of all ages can help prevent unplanned pregnancies. There’s long been a push for over-the-counter access to the birth control pill, and the American Congress of Obstetricians recently gave the nod for prescription-free oral contraceptives. Hopefully, this push will help OTC birth control get the green light from Congress.

Do Birth Control Pills Control Who We’re Attracted To?
Always checking out tall, dark, and handsome men? It may be due to your birth control. A new study looks at how The Pill affects women’s preferences in men. Read on to get the information behind the Jedi mind tricks.


Menstrual Cycles and Hormones

Get in the Flo: Alisa Vitti Talks Hormones, Health, and Empowerment
Greatist interviews Alisa Vitti about what menstruation can teach us about our overall health, and how paying attention to periods and hormonal balance can change women’s lives.

Do Women’s Periods Really Sync Up?
Sleep-away camp lore says that groups of women who work together, live together, or just spend a lot of time together get on the same menstruation cycle. Greatist gets to the bottom of this popular myth.

News: Hormone Predicts Severe PMS, Study Suggests
Some women get pre-period stomach cramps and bad moods, while others experience cravings and bloating. Why so much disparity among women? Turns out, ladies with severe PMS are more sensitive to a particular hormone called allopregnanolone.


Breast Health

8 Social Good Campaigns Fighting Breast Cancer
October is official Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but we should be raising awareness (and money) all year long. Here are eight companies who are supporting the cause.

Healthy Breasts: What Everyone Should Know
Young or old, every woman should pay attention to breast health. This quick guide includes all the 411 on keeping breasts healthy at all ages.


Sex and Relationships

How Sex Can Improve Our Health, Besides it Being Sex
Getting lucky tonight? You may be in for more than you bargained for — in a good way! Read on to learn about the unexpected mind and body benefits from sex between consenting adults.

Do “Friends with Benefits” Really Benefit Us?
Anyone who’s gone to college — or, heck, anyone — is probably familiar with the concept of “friends with benefits.” But what does science have to say about these relationships? And what “benefit” (besides the obvious one) do they really bring to our lives?

The Ultimate Guide to Safer Sex
A roll in the hay can be a good time, but there's more to sexual health than just getting it on. Here's what you need to know about safe sex.

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