Top Apps for Weight Loss 2016

Weight loss apps are useful trackers that help monitor your diet and exercise

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So you want to lose weight, but you lack motivation or you simply don’t know where to start. Weight loss apps provide you with a constant fitness reminder.

According to a recent study, “systematic reviews of technology-based weight loss interventions conclude that technology is a promising way to produce clinically significant weight loss in overweight and obese adults.” However, they have been shown to help individuals who are not overweight as well.

Weight loss apps are useful trackers that help monitor your diet and exercise. Different apps provide different capabilities; documenting your food, allowing you to set goals and even providing different exercises, just to name a few.

Here are some of the many Top Apps for Weight Loss in 2016.


Running and Walking with Endomondo

The Endomondo sports tracker is available for Android, iPhone and Blackberry. It’s designed for individuals who work out in the outdoors including runners and bikers. The app comes with a GPS so you can track your workouts. It also allows you to keep a training log, set goals and see your calories burned. Bonus: You can use the app on your iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.


Lose It! 

Lose It! is a free app that helps you track your meals, nutrition and exercise. It is equipped with a barcode scanner do you can document your food, search items in the grocery store and look up the nutrition facts to popular restaurants. Use the app to set goals, count your calories and track your food. This app can be found on both iPhone and Android devices.


Nike+ Training Club

The Nike+ Training Club App is available for iPhone. It’s the perfect app for those of you that are not comfortable working with a personal trainer. Enjoy a variety of workouts from Nike’s professionals, celebrity trainers and professional athletes. Download your workouts, then customize them however you would like and choose the exercises that best suit your body. The app is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.


Diet Hero | Weight Loss App

Diet Hero creates a well-balanced diet of foods for you, based off of the foods you have in your kitchen. Simply enter the foods into the app and watch as the app customizes a diet for you. It also creates your diet by weight, gender and height. It allows you to track your foods, organizes them weekly and even tracks your water intake. Purchase it for $1.99 today.


Fitness Buddy

Fitness Buddy is your own personal workout trainer. It has over 1,700 exercises, more than 75 workout routines, and over 1,000 HD videos. Track your workouts, metrics and body weight. It is   compatible with iPhone and Android devices. Get it today for $2.99.


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