Fitness Tools to Help Move Your Workouts Indoors

When you have the right gear you’re more likely to enjoy your workout

It happens each year and somehow still manages to take you by surprise—the slow shift to cold weather that has you bundling up and wondering about the winter.

Should you join a gym? Maybe it’s time to invest in making your own home gym? Are you going to try to brave the elements all winter long? Along with these questions invariably comes the question of motivation—how will you keep going when the temperature is hovering around zero? [slideshow:80633]

Most people, faced with that kind of weather, take their workouts indoors, but that decision might not sound too glamorous if you appreciate your time outside. While indoor workouts might not match up to the experience of running your favorite loop in the summer at sunset or cycling through leaves in the fall, there are some things you can do to make indoor workouts more bearable—and maybe even enjoyable.

One of the biggest factors in improving indoor workouts has to do with technology and tools. When you have the right gear (and apps), you’re more likely to enjoy your workout, have a more effective workout and you might even find more motivation. Check out these 10 tools that will help you take your workouts indoors.

Atlas Wristband

You’re likely familiar with popular wearables like Fitbit and Jawbone that track steps, calories and other metrics, but those trackers aren’t exactly helpful when it comes to strength training—that’s where the Atlas Wristband comes in. This new fitness tracker is designed specifically for strength training and its algorithm automatically recognizes the exercise you’re doing, counts your reps and analyzes your form in real time. That means no more pressing buttons and changing settings mid-workout, Atlas tracks it all and connects to an app. There are many fitness trackers out there, but none quite like this. Atlas has been funded on Indiegogo and is currently accepting pre-orders that are set to ship in late fall or early winter.; $249

CycleOps Fluid2 Bike Trainer

Avid cyclists and hardcore mountain bikers don’t stop pedaling when winter comes knocking—when the weather gets bad, they take their workouts inside. Bike trainers work with your normal bike, so you can continue training on the bike you know best and you don’t need to spend $1,000 or more on a separate cycling machine. There are four types of trainers and price ranges that correspond with each type, so you’ll want to do some research, but the CycleOps Fluid2 Bike Trainer shown is an excellent, no-frills option at a great price.; $315

8 Other Fitness Tools for Brining Your Workouts Indoors

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