Best & Worst Rated Health & Fitness Apps for 2017

Some popular names are in the wrong half of the ranking


The industry of health and fitness apps is thriving. Just when you think programmers can’t come up with wearables and smartphones that can make your fitness routine any more measurable, you find that “there is an app for that” as well.

Applications continue to offer more convenient and effective solutions to help people with their goals and to stay in shape.

Just in time for healthy New Year’s Resolutions, ARC, the research arm of digital testing company Applause, analyzed the user sentiment of Android and iOS apps to produce its latest report. For Health & Fitness, experts examined the 53 most-reviewed apps available within the app stores over the past 13 months, as determined by users.

The reviewed apps are placed into four categories - Stress Relief, Personal Health, Nutrition, and Fitness.

Personal Health:


Stress Relief:


Analysts say that one of the key findings is that the top two—and four of the top seven apps— are women’s health apps such as menstrual/pregnancy trackers.

Period Tracker, My Calendar by Leap Fitness Group comes out on top with a near perfect score (94.8). Women’s health apps are favorited as they offer a simple and practical digital solution to a common health concern ladies have.

Major brand name apps have room to improve with 13 scoring below the category average – Under Armour, Nike and Fitbit included. Under Armour Record sits right below the average, due to the uneven Android (51) vs. iOS sentiment scores (75). Nike Run Club has the opposite problem, with its iOS score (22) greatly lagging behind Android (51).

Just because a brand may have performed strongly in the past, doesn’t mean that users will still love newer versions that are subsequently released. For example, Strava has been doing well in past ARC reports. However, its popularity has taken a bit of a hit (62.7 app quality score, dipping below the average) as users have voiced displeasure with changes to existing features – e.g., change of dark theme to light/white – and with poor integration with Apple Health and Apple Watch.

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