The Absolute Cutest Celebrity Pets

The Absolute Cutest Celebrity Pets

The Absolute Cutest Celebrity Pets

In today’s society it’s pretty easy to get swept up in the lives of celebrities. Everything there is to know about them is talked about on the radio and television, and published on the internet, in magazines or by the celebrities themselves on social media.

Fans are not the only people who develop an obsession over another human being. Some famous people love their four-legged friends so much that they bring them everywhere with them.

No one can blame them because the pooches and felines are too cute to leave behind. Oftentimes even the cameras can’t focus on the person; they turn to the pet and photograph them instead.

We just can’t get enough of Miley Cryus and her family of pets, Channing Tatum and his beautiful horse and Taylor Swift’s cute cats.

Continue reading for some of the cutest celebrity pets.

Miley Cyrus, Beagle


Miley Cyrus introduced her adorable beagle, Barbie, on Instagram. She is now one of many dogs and cats in her family – Happy, Milky, Keke, Maryjane and Pig are a few others. Fun Fact: On August 5, ENews announced Miley Cyrus will be one of the new coaches on The Voice.

Blake Lively, Maltipoo Penny

Blake Lively is a famous television actress mainly known for her role in “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” and “Gossip Girl.” She and Ryan Reynolds own the cutest Maltipoo named Penny. Blake often brought her pup to the set of her latest film, according to Glamour.

Ariana Grande’s pup “Cinnamon”

Recording artist Ariana Grande has worked with dog charities to help rescue dogs in the past, so it’s no wonder she has such loveable ones of her own. Cinnamon is Ariana’s fifth dog and was adopted at 5 months old, according to Irish Examiner. “The Break Free singer promised to spoil her ‘unconditionally’ after getting her from a rescue center.”

Channing Tatum's Horse

Channing Tatum lives in Beverly Hills with his beautiful wife Jenna Dewan. Famous for his roles in “Step Up” and “Magic Mike,” it’s only natural that this Hollywood heartthrob would turn our necks again; he adopted a rescue horse named Smoke. He also adopted a pit bull in 2008, named LuLu.

Jennifer Lawrence, Mixed-Breed Dog

Jennifer Lawrence has the cutest pup named Pippi, and according to MTV, Pippi lives a better life than we do! The Daily Mail says “The Hunger Games actress and her cute canine are so inseparable, she lets the privileged dog pick out her costumes.”

Mike Tyson, Bengal Tiger


According to Mirror, Mike Tyson bought three Royal Bengal tigers for $4,000 a month. Their names were Kenya, Storm and Boris. “When it turned out Tyson didn’t have a proper license for owning the tigers, they were sent to a refugee in Colorado to live out their days away from the Hollywood spotlight.”

Naomi Watts, Yorkshire Terrier


Yorkshire Terriers are one of the most popular dog breeds owned by celebrities in Hollywood, it’s no wonder Naomi Watts got one of her own. According to the Daily Mail, “Naomi adopted the dog as a puppy during her two-year relationship with Heath Ledger, who died in 2008.”

Nick Jonas, Golden Retriever

Golden retrievers are one of the most family friendly dog breeds to own. Nick Jonas even takes his on vacations. He even posted once on social media that the highlight of a relaxing trip to Mammoth for Thanksgiving was “getting some quality time with my pup Elvis.”

Natalie Portman, Yorkie


Natalie Portman rarely leaves her trusted Yorkie, Whiz, for long stretches of time, according to Celebrity Dog Watcher. Even at award shows, Natalie brings the Yorkshire terrier to wait in the wings for her. Portman is often spotted carrying Whiz under her arms at airports, while her husband is carrying their child.

Taylor Swift’s cat “Meredith”

Taylor Swifts cats are famous not just because if their celebrity owner. Their names are somewhat unique as well - Dr. Meredith Grey and Detective Olivia Benson. Swift always takes them with her when she travels, and she documents their lives on her social media accounts – “rides on a private jet, monogrammed kennels, cuddles with Taylor's cute brother, Austin” as Pop Sugar shows.

Hugh Jackman, French Bulldog


Depending on the type of breed, some Bulldogs are couch potatoes. They really don’t have much energy to play all the time and run around with the kids. But they make good guard dogs, even though they are not aggressive. Maybe that why Jackman brings his pooch (almost) everywhere.

Chelsea Handler’s Dogs

The famous comedian posts pictures of her dogs Chunk and Tammy on social media so often that InStyle wrote a story about them. They even carpooled to work with Late Late Show host James Corden in a promo for Chelsea’s Netflix original.

Naya Rivera’s Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Lucy


Before Emmy, the actress’ new puppy, there was Lucy. This is a popular breed that is very liked for its small size and affectionate personality. They are active, gentle and graceful. Also, natural appearance with no trimming, sculpting or artificial alteration is essential to breed type, according to American Kennel Club.