1. Chevron from 50 Fittest Companies

50 Fittest Companies

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1. Chevron

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In 2013 Chevron made the list of 50 best employers due to their focus on the health and well-being of their employees. The energy and tech company has a “Get Moving” program aiming to make physical activity a part of each employee’s day. Employees who participate can get a $250 wellness credit added to their health care spending account. Major Chevron locations have on-site fitness centers; some even offer massages. Employees also get a preferred corporate rate at certain health clubs. Chevron even has a Healthy Heart Program with WebMD. Employees can create a plan for exercise and work with a health coach. One user wrote on Indeed.com: “The benefits offered at Chevron are top notch. I've never come across a company that even comes close to the benefits offered at Chevron.”

2. American Express

American Express

AmEx offers a Healthy Living Workplace Program in all 22 countries where it has offices. People working at the company have the benefits of on-site medical care, plus dental. American Express received the 2011 and 2012 Best Employers for Healthy Lifestyles award and a prestigious Gold Award for its Healthy Living corporate wellness program that encourages preventive care and healthy lifestyles. Flexible work schedules are an option; there are on-site gyms and a canteen that serves nutritious meals. A user wrote on Glassdoor.com: “I worked at American Express for 10+ years. Great pay, work/life balance, benefits.” The comments have been consistent on Indeed.com as well.

3. Pro Athlete, Inc.

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The name kind of suggests it but Pro Athlete Inc. really favors athletic lifestyles. The company, based in Kansas City, offers unlimited flex PTO, an on-site fitness center, personal trainers, yoga classes, and even the services of nutritionists. Massages are another perk. Much like some big Silicon Valley companies, there are opportunities in the office to relieve stress. At Pro Athlete, they include basketball court, a swimming pool, a game room, a lounge, and a coffee shop, to name a few. It’s no surprise the company got five out of five stars on Indeed.com for work/life balance, compensation/benefits, management and culture.

4. SAS Institute

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Primarily located in Cary, N.C, the SAS Institute does whatever it takes to keep their employees healthy and happy. Their headquarters has on-site health centers, a 58,000-square-foot fitness center with an indoor pool, racquetball courts and top-notch equipment. SAS provides incentives for participating in company fitness programs. Employees can even win movie tickets. The SAS Institute provides workers with a flexible schedule, paid daycare, great medical and dental plans, vacation and paid time off, free gym membership, and break rooms stocked with free healthy snacks.

5. Hybris

The software company is based in Germany, but it has an office in Boulder, Colorado, which has been on the lists of most fitness-friendly and fittest cities. Hybris offers its employees flexible work hours so they can train for triathlons or whatever sport they may be into, a kitchen designed for athletes' needs with plenty of blenders and juicers, treadmills, cycling rooms, a full-time massage therapist and a team coach. Some of the pros listed by reviewers are people, work conditions, perks, benefits, salary, paid leave, bonus, a good work/life balance, offices, management, and startup energy.

6. Aetna, Inc.

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Aetna was named Best Employer for Healthy Lifestyles by the National Business Group on Health. The company has received the award seven times. The health care company promotes healthy lifestyle and wellness through access to high-quality health care for everyone. Get Active Aetna is a popular 16-week challenge that offers prizes to motivate employees to eat healthy and exercise. There are even financial incentives (up to $500 for employees to exercise and eat healthy foods). Employees have access to fitness centers at more than 20 work locations. The centers provide group exercise classes, personal training and weight-management programs.

7. Philip Morris International

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The tobacco company offers flexible work hours and compensatory leave for work rendered on holidays and weekends, according to reviews by employees. One person wrote: “A company that understood that good working conditions, flexibility and strong benefits result in employee commitment, high motivation and great achievements. It is a 21st century company that encourages work/life balance.” Philip Morris has free fitness centers at their facilities and offer subsidized meals at their canteen. Mothers have a nursing room on-site. In 2015, PMI was recognized as one of Europe’s Top Employers for a third consecutive year.

8. Pfizer


The pharmaceutical company offers, according to employees’ reviews, “great health care benefits including free prescription coverage for all Pfizer/Pfizer subsidiary company products; great health/wellness opportunities to further reduce employee costs; good time off / flexible days.” Pfizer’s locations have on-site fitness. The company offers gym discounts as part of its health packages. Nutrition and fitness counseling is also available. Pfizer has been awarded Best Employers for Healthy Lifestyles by the National Business Group on Health for 2008-2010.

9. Microsoft

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Microsoft employees are provided with great health benefits. The Microsoft Careers site explains, “our goal is to empower you with the resources, incentives, and flexibility you need to enjoy success on the job and to live a healthy, balanced life.“ They offer employees subsidies for gym memberships, free on-campus flu shots and a 24-hour health line to help employees make the right healthcare decisions for them.  Microsoft also has running trails, a fitness facility, and cafes with healthy foods.

10. Google

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Google’s headquarters are in Mountain View, California, but the tech giant has approximately 12,200 employees worldwide. If you are fortunate enough to be located near the Mountain View base, you have access to a free fitness center with top-notch fitness machines, a shower, lap pool, beach volleyball court, a climbing wall and even bowling alleys!  Google provides all their employees with great health insurance and retirement benefits. They are covered with travel insurance, emergency assistance and provide on-site medical services along with free healthy food to eat whenever they want.

11. Lockheed Martin Company

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Some of the benefits include tobacco cessation support, free on-site flu shots, free, confidential on-site biometric health screenings, and incented physical activity program. The company also works with various wellness centers, nutritionists and fitness centers to provide a healthy working environment. Walking paths and stations, sports teams and weight management programs are also available. The aerospace, defense, security and advanced technologies company offers cash incentives towards employee’s Health Fund for healthy activities. Reviewers list some of the pros of working for Lockheed to be lots of opportunities to grow and solid work/life balance.

12. Mayo Clinic

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Mayo Clinic has many locations around the United States. Each of their campuses are different, but for the most part employees are provided with an in-house gym, gym membership reimbursement, cafeterias with healthy meal choices, and access to weight-loss programs. Online wellness portals are also available to help employees asses their health and keep track of their overall wellness. Mayo Clinic prides itself on its contribution to health and well-being. Therefore employees that smoke have the option to take advantage of Mayo Clinic’s tobacco quit telephone line.

13. Orbitz Worldwide

Orbitz Worldwide

Orbitz Worldwide was chosen as one of the 10 best travel companies to work for by Forbes in 2013, and we can definitely understand why! They offer their employees free healthy food, fitness reward perks, discounted gym memberships, and an employee assistance program. They encourage their employees to stay active and also remember to take some time for themselves. Their headquarters in Chicago has a meditation room and offers on site yoga classes.

14. Delta Air Lines, Inc.

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In 2013, people working at Delta Airlines were named the healthiest employees. According to Monster.com, a popular employment websites, Delta is among the airlines that offers one of the best benefits packages. The company opened a new Health Central Rehabilitation facility, to provide employee injury-assessment services and physical therapy. Employees are encouraged to walk a 1.2-mile walking path, for which they are entered into a prize drawing. There is an on-site modern fitness center on-site available to anyone who works in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. Also, you fly for free, as well as you parents, spouse and children. Employees also have flexible spending accounts to cover eligible expenses and assistance program, focusing on mental and emotional health.  

15. Centro

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Crain’s Chicago Business edition had listed Centro as the best place to work in 2012. Employees’ reviews show that benefits were focused on the overall well-being of the employees. Even have a paid sabbatical leave after 4 years of employment, according to Glassdoor.com. This year the company started to apply unlimited vacation days. Great coverage for medical, dental, and vision are offered as well. There is also a free on-site dietitian and a farmer’s market. Free yoga classes are just another perk in the office. Wellnesspalooza is a popular annual event hosted by the advertising company. Employees take part in gym classes, get screened, and learn about wellness in general.

16. Kaiser Permanente

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Kaiser Permanente was established as the “Best Employer for Healthy Lifestyles” by the National Business Group in Health in 2012. Other than great health benefits, they provide their employees with discounts for weight watchers and free nutritional advice. They strive to help workers achieve a balance between their work and personal life by providing them with vacation and paid time off.

17. Verizon Wireless

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The Verizon Wireless headquarters is in Basking Ridge, New Jersey, and has approximately 65,000 employees. They believe it’s important to provide their employees with the means for healthy living. The majority of their offices consist of onsite fitness centers with state of the art equipment, group exercise classes, and massage facilities. Verizon also provides their employees with discounts at local gyms, great health benefits, and healthy pregnancy programs for expectant mothers.

18. SolidFire

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Outside Magazine named the software company one of America’s best places to work in 2015. It provides 100 percent employer-paid coverage. Employees also get $150 a month if they take the bus as opposed to driving to work. People working there enjoy unlimited PTO from the very first day and weekly massages at the office. One person wrote on Glassdoor.com: “Perks like the flexible PTO policy allow for plenty of time to recharge.” They get to let some steam off at the on-site game room.

19. Citrix Systems

Citrix Systems

The tech company’s motto is “Work Better. Live Better” and they seem to abide by it. The jobs and career website, Glassdoor, has rated Citrix one of the Top 25 Companies for Work-Life Balance. The firm offers its employees the opportunity to work in offices with cafes with fresh nutritious meals. They also host many wellness events. Some of the health benefits employees enjoy extend to family members. One person wrote on Indeed.com: “Nice work/life balance. […] PTO is amazing, health benefits are A+.” Citrix got four out of five starts in the work/life balance category.

20. Progressive

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The insurance giant has been on lists of top companies for work/life balance at least since 2011. Progressive prides itself on the flexibility it offers. “You'll earn up to 17 days off your first year. These days begin adding up your first day. And-while it depends on business need-many areas of Progressive are expanding flexible work schedules, enabling employees to work nonstandard hours, and/or from home,” according to the company’s website. Reviews indicate that employees love working there because of the great benefits, perks, and work/life balance. They offer a gym, personal trainers, Weight Watchers, and various fitness classes.

21. Salesforce.com

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Salesforce.com offers great perks for employees, which is why it was named one of Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to work for six years in a row. Salesforce.com provides their employees with a “Wellness Reimbursement Program,” paying their employees up to $100 a month for fitness activities, nutritional counselling and weight-management programs. They also have great health benefits, an in-house gym and on-site kitchens with healthy snacks.

22. Twitter


Twitter has become a huge social media platform. They have employed approximately 3,600 workers and continuously motivate them by providing a fun and healthy environment. Their headquarters provides their employees with the option to participate in group fitness classes such as Yoga, CrossFit, and Pilates. Twitter arranges free healthy foods, the opportunity for massages, and Caters breakfast and lunch in their San Francisco office. Gym membership reimbursement is also available.

23. Devon

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Employees at Devon, an oil and gas company, enjoy paid time off accrued based on each employee’s years of service with a minimum of 160 hours of PTO annually; alternate work schedule, 24/7 employee assistant program to help them with physical and mental health issues; every other Friday off for an extra hour of work each day, and an on-site gym. There are also fitness center membership reimbursement program available, home fitness equipment discounts, company supported recreational leagues and teams, marathons and races, and Deep discounts on healthy menu items at the Oklahoma City onsite café, according to Devon’s website.

24. Yahoo

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Yahoo’s headquarters is like no other. They provide fully-equipped fitness centers with trainers, free massages for employees during work hours, basketball and volleyball courts, unlimited sick days, and even an organic farmers market. Yahoo also ensures their employees are healthy year-round by providing them with annual health check-ups.

25. National Instruments

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National Instruments provides software products for a variety of industries. But when it comes to their employees, they believe it is important to provide them with an active environment. They have an on-site health and fitness center open 24/7. Employee assistance programs are available, along with wellness programs and professional counseling. Employees are also allotted 2 weeks paid vacation, 10 annual sick days, and a great benefits package.

26. Johnson & Johnson

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Johnson & Johnson offers a competitive benefits program. A former employee said, “JNJ just does a good job of taking care of their own. The salaries are competitive but the benefits are what make them stand out (glassdoor.com)” They offer onsite gyms for employees to use during work hours and encourage them to take advantage of their “Healthy People” program. This program provides employee assistance, occupational health and wellness and health promotion services (Johnson & Johnson). 

27. REI

REI / Facebook

We would expect nothing less than a healthy work environment from a company that provides us with incredible gear for all of our outdoor adventures, and REI does not disappoint. They provide discounted gym memberships, commuter assistance, and — of course — discounts on gear for all of their employees. REI believes outdoor adventures are essential to each individual’s health; they offer “Yay Day,” one day off every six months where employees can simply go outside and play. Washington employees are fortunate enough to engage in fitness classes such as yoga and cross fit during work hours.

28. General Electric

GE is one of the largest companies in the U.S. to offer about half of its employees unlimited vacation. It also has a health coach program; people have access to nurses who answer any health-related questions. The company’s annual #GetFit competition helps promote healthy living through social media. GE also offers cheaper gym memberships to the people who work for them, retirees, and their immediate family. An Indeed.com user summarizes working for GE: “Overall I enjoyed the atmosphere and going to work every day. The compensation & benefits were excellent.”

29. TogoRun

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This PR company likes to take a lot of steps, literally. In 2015, they challenged themselves to take in-office walking meetings where employees fought the inevitable sedentariness of work by holding walking meetings; people hosted healthy lunch options — like a salad bar —  and bring in speakers/activities; they had fitness experts lead a mid-day fitness class (Yoga, Pilates, Kickboxing); a nutritionist came to discuss healthy eating in a busy lifestyle; and a life coach came to facilitate a work-life balance discussion. All employees get a FitBit to help them stay on track. Free gym classes, exercise tips and classes are other perks. The company also observes summer Fridays – employees get three long weekends over a period of three months.

30. Berkshire Hathaway

Berkshire Hathaway helped established the first Wellness Council in Omaha in the 1980s, which led to the creation of WELCOA. It is one of the most respected resources for workplace wellness. The idea was to keep employees — and all people — healthy to help reduce healthcare costs. According to Glassdoor, people like working there because of the great benefits and work/life balance. They also like the good amount of days off. One Indeed user wrote: “Great job for people who care about work/life balance. It's a very family life oriented place. Takes pretty much anybody.”

31. NutraClick

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Reviews on Glassdoor.com say people love working at NutraClick because of the health insurance, 401k, subsidized gym membership, unlimited paid time off, performance-based bonuses, and team celebrations. There is a 24-hour access to a pantry with healthy snacks like fruits, nuts, yogurt, etc. The tech and wellness products company also offers a 6-week fitness challenge. Employees who complete it get awards and personal training. NutraClick also observes summer Fridays.

32. Disney

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Disney has been voted one of GlassDoor.com's top 50 places to work for 2014. Other than getting incredible discounts and complimentary theme park admissions, Disney offers a “Disney Health Pursuits” program to their employees. It’s a rewards program that encourages employees to make healthy choices. They also provide excellent health benefits, a commuter assistance program and onsite childcare centers.

33. Lowe’s

Lowe’s “My Life Track Health and Wellness Program” and its website offer wellness programs, articles, videos and other important resources for employees and their families. The company provides employee assistance programs and weight management sessions. If you’re a smoker, the company will help you quit, and will give you access to stress management therapies, if you need them. Another perk is free health risk assessment. There are on-site nurses as well to answer any questions. “From hourly pay to benefits to management, I can't say anything negative about this company. The atmosphere is great and there's never an ending to learning and opportunities for advancement,” one person wrote on Indeed.com. The company has gotten four out of five stars for work/life balance, compensation/benefits, and culture.

34. Clif Bar

Clif Bar / Facebook

Clif Bar has incredible fitness perks. Its wellness center features a weight room, 40-foot-tall bouldering wall, yoga room, dance studio and locker rooms with showers and towel service. Five on-site personal trainers can help you stay in shape, while six free annual visits to a nutritionist and life coach foster overall wellness. When you feel good enough to tackle a century ride or marathon, you can take advantage of the company’s $350 annual race reimbursement. The company provides indoor bike racks to encourage employees to ride to work, and in-house cruisers can be checked out for errands or a lunch-time ride. Clif’s cafeteria has organic breakfasts and lunches made with food from local farms.

35. CIGNA Corporation

Cigna / Facebook

The health insurance company offers big discounts on wellness products like weight management, massages, eyewear and chiropractic services, to name a few. They offer help in dietary counseling, diabetes education, chronic disease self-management, fitness classes, and tobacco cessation. On-site health and fitness centers are available. CIGNA has gotten consistently good reviews on Indeed and Glassdoor for work/life balance. There is an Employee Discount Program through which employees can save a lot of money at national and local stores. Employees and all their household members have access to free life coaching and lifestyle management programs – even if they’re not enrolled in the Cigna Medical Plan, according to Glassdoor.

36. Whole Foods Market

Whole Foods Market / Facebook

Fortune had Whole Foods listed as one of the best places to work because employees are buoyed by the wholesome grocer's mission to promote a healthy lifestyle. New hires get a 20 percent discount card for all products sold in the stores; employees who meet the goals of a healthy-living challenge get up to 30 percent. Employees also get health savings accounts that help cover the cost of deductibles and other qualified out-of-pocket health care expenses. Colleagues can transfer to each other paid vacation days in case someone needs extra time off. “Whole Foods market has great benefits; also great pay; you just have to be flexible; open schedule; you learn a lot [about] food; also you have a lot of hours to take vacations,” one review, similar to many others, read.

37. Herbalife

Herbalife / Facebook

Herbalife’s headquarters are located in Los Angeles, California. They are a herbal supplement company that helps individuals get fit and healthy. That being said, their employees are encouraged to live healthy lives. Herbalife provides employees with on-site triathlon training, free nutritional shakes, gym membership discounts, employee assistance programs and a huge discounts on its products.

38. NetApp

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NetApp strives to keep their employees healthy and happy. They provide incredible benefits programs and a great work-life balance. Many of the NetApp locations have free state of the art fitness centers for employees. One of which includes a 27,000 sq. foot fitness center with group fitness classes. Discounts to theme parks, ski resorts, and specific fitness centers are also free for employees.

39. Nike

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Nike is all about fitness, and when it comes to employees they are encouraged to stay healthy and fit with a completive benefits program. Nike provides their employees with onsite fitness centers, great health benefits, discounts on transportation, paid sabbaticals, and discounts on Nike gear.

40. AstraZeneca

AstraZeneca / Facebook

AstraZeneca’s headquarters are located in Wilmington, Delaware. They are a research-based biopharmaceutical company that prides itself in not only the health of the world, but providing a healthy environment for their employees. They offer employee discounts, employee assistance programs and great health insurance. They have created an incentives program to motivate employees to attend health seminars and exercise in the gym. Oh, and if you’re lucky enough to work in their headquarters AstraZeneca has indoor walking paths and healthy food choices in their cafeteria.

41. Genentech

Genentech / Facebook

Genentech headquarters are in San Francisco, California. Employees working in its headquarters have access to Club Genentech, a free on-campus fitness center. Employees in Vacaville, Oceanside, or Hillsboro campuses are provided with free memberships to local health clubs. Employees out in the field may be reimbursed for membership at whatever health club they choose (Genentech). Genentech offers services designed to help make their employees’ life easier at work while also providing them with compensation and programs that reward their employees for contributions toward achieving company strategic goals.

42. Phillips 66

Phillips 66 / Facebook

Phillips 66 offers its employees an extensive package of wellness programs, free of charge, that encourage people to make healthier choices. The more physical activities employees participate in, the more they are compensated in the form of cash rewards. The company even reimburses its employees if they sign up for gym membership; even their dependents get half the value back, or up to $300 a year. Phillips 66 pays for annual checkups and blood pressure and cholesterol tests. The company has also teamed up with WebMD, which helps with health assessment and coaching.

43. General Motors

General Motors / Facebook

General Motors offers very flexible hours so people can make up their own schedules. “Flextime scheduling is an alternative work arrangement that permits salaried employees to select the hours they will work within certain parameters. Flextime helps accommodate individuals who prefer to start their workday early, as well as those who have reasons for working late.” The company has a weight loss diet program. The aim is to lose 10-17 pounds a week. There are gyms and training facilities on-site in several cities. Reviews on Glassdoor say managers are concerned with work/life balance.  

44. Wheeler Interests

Wheeler Real Estate Investment Trust / Facebook

Wheeler Interests headquarters is located in Virginia Beach. They ensure their employees are staying active by providing them with a free downstairs gym that consists of excellent fitness equipment. Wheeler Interests caters a healthy lunch for their employees every Monday and Wednesday and they even offer subsidies for smoking-cessation programs.

45. Bright Horizons Family Solutions

Bright Horizons / Facebook

Bright Horizons Family Solutions care for their employees just as much as the clients they serve. They provide their employees with incredible medical benefits, gym memberships, and access to programs for weight loss. Bright Horizons Family Solutions also offers employee’s access to their “Well-Being Help Center (EAP)” to assist them in managing their financial issues, stress, and other personal issues outside of work.

46. Pepsico


Pepsico’s headquarters is located in Purchase, New York. They provide their employees with wellness programs, an employee assistance program and great health benefits. Pepsico has a healthy living program that helps employees improve their overall health and achieve their individual fitness goals. They also offer a Healthy Money program, which helps employees build their own financial plan to help them stay on track for a secure future.

47. Apple

“They match up 6 percent of 401k. Have an amazing health/dental/vision policy for both part time and full time employees,” one user wrote on Glassdoor.com. Employees are allowed to take an hour every day to meditate or do yoga on-site. Even part-time employees have access to sick pay, 401k, and full insurance. A recent review said: “The medical coverage, stock plan, wellness reimbursement, and 401k among many other things are top notch. There's simply too many benefits to list here.” Apple got four out of five stars for work/life balance and compensation/benefits on Indeed.com.

48. Chick-Fil-A

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Although you may not think fast food and fitness go hand and hand, Chick-Fil-A has found a way to incorporate both. They emphasize the importance of healthy living to their employees. The headquarters in Atlanta has a 15,000-square-foot wellness center with top-notch equipment, a free healthy salad bar, and employees are allotted time to take exercise breaks throughout the day.

49. Fowler White Boggs Banker

The law firm Fowler White Boggs Banker has taken the meaning of law firms to a whole new level. They promote a fit and healthy work environment by providing each employee with their own personal custom built pedometer. They challenge each employee to take at least 1,084 steps daily and have a Walking program that promotes healthy competition among employees.

50. American Specialty Health

American Specialty Health

American Specialty Health headquarters is located in San Diego, California. Their company mission “to empower individuals to live healthier and longer.” They provide an employee assistance program, athletic event reimbursement, and free membership to their health and wellness program called Healthyroads.