15 Pets More Athletic Than You from 15 Pets More Athletic Than You

15 Pets More Athletic Than You


15 Pets More Athletic Than You


More than 21 percent of adult men and 25 percent of adult women report no physical activity, other than going to and coming back from work, according to United Health Foundation. Articles about what prolonged sitting does to your body are in abundance online. So are stories about how people can become more active. If none of them work, the following list of very athletic animals may do the trick – even if it's because you’re embarrassed that a four-legged canine can play football better than you.

Abbie, an Australian Kelpie

Abbie is a Guinness World Record Surfing Dog because she is the longest competing and most awarded. She has medaled in every competition since 2008. She is also celebrity animal athlete featured in TV, film and print. Abbie was a rescue dog that was found on the roadside, rescued by Humane Society Silicon Valley, and adopted by Michael Uy, who started bringing her to the beach to rehabilitate her.

Bam, the cycling Orangutan in Thailand

YouTube is full of funny videos showing athletic monkeys riding bikes. But Bam is something else. He was actually hired by the government to promote road safety. Bam was somewhat of a celebrity before he got the job as he was seen, and photographed all the time, with his pink helmet riding a bike around Bangkok.

Cinderella May, high jump champion

The world record for the highest jump cleared by a dog is 172.7 cm (68 in), achieved by Cinderella May a Holly Grey, owned by Kate Long and Kathleen Conroy (both USA) of Miami. She set it at the Purina Incredible Dog Challenge National Finals in 2006, according to the Guinness Book of World Records.

Border collie Scotch, the “Neymar dog”

Scotch, a 3-year-old pooch, plays soccer. He does it so well that videos of him jumping, head-butting and kicking the ball to his human owner and friends have gone viral on Instagram. The canine now has about 3,000 followers. He also has his own YouTube channel.

Doughnut and Sgt. Peppers, the bowling hamsters

If you have unconventional pets in your home and are wondering how to entertain them, consider teaching them how to bowl. The owners of Doughnut and Sgt. Peppers say it’s not very hard. They claim the hamsters, as seen in this video, were deliberately going for the pins.

The scuba diving dog

Who says people and fish are the only ones who get to enjoy marine life and beauty? The Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) launched the Pet Diver Certification, a first-of-its kind scuba dive training program exclusively for dogs and cats, according to the World Pet Association. Take your furry companion with you on your thrilling adventure.

Otis, the “Skydiving Pug”

Otis is a 10-year-old pug from California who made his 64th jump in tandem with his owner, Will DaSilva, local media reports. Otis has experimented in almost every possible free-fall position. He is yet to jump solo, though. Otis has been “plunging” since he was a puppy. Will thought of taking his pooch with him on adventures because he had too much energy.

Twiggy, the waterski squirrel

Twiggy’s owners bought his daughter a remote controlled boat for her birthday. Their friends started teasing the father that he bought it for himself because he played with it all the time. He joked that he had to learn to drive the boat so he could teach hissquirrel to water-ski. And that’s what he did. Twiggy has been performing since 1979 traveling all across the US, Canada, Bermuda, Paris, France and Germany.

Jigsaw, the All-American Football Dog

The Border Collie loves to play wide receiver. He lines up, goes on the snap proper count and catches a modified NFL football. He lives in Austin, and local media has reported that he is the only wide-receiver canine in the city. He almost never misses. May be just a few pro players can shut him down.

Chuey, the snowboarding dog

Chuey is a Jack Russel Terrier who likes to snowboard. His owner says he is also a skillful surfer and skateboarder. He looks very classy hitting the slopes with his own Burton board, dressed up in a snowboarding suit and matching goggles. He can stay balanced on a board for a while, as you can see in this video.  

Didga, the skateboarding cat

This is Didga, the skateboarding cat. See her show off her skills in this video. She loves to skate around town and jump on and off the board. If this doesn’t inspire you to try some extreme sports, nothing else will.

Jesper, the adventurous cat

Jesper is an adventurous cat who loves to hike, swim, surf, and even ski. You can see him on a trip, pulling skis and riding with a skier in this video.  Jesper has actually become somewhat of a celebrity in Norway. He has his own blog and more than 55,000 followers on Facebook.