11 Reasons Losing Weight is Easier in the Summer from 11 Reasons Losing Weight is Easier in the Summer

11 Reasons Losing Weight is Easier in the Summer

We all know that in order to lose weight we need to burn more calories than we consume and exercise more. It’s easier said than done, especially in the winter months when all you want to do is eat comfort foods and curl up on the couch with a cozy blanket.

Research shows that “according to studies out of the University of Massachusetts Medical School and the University of Georgia, our average caloric intake decreases about 200 calories per day in the summer compared to fall and winter.”

That being said, losing weight in the summer is much easier. We tend to be in a better mood, participate in summer sports, crave healthier foods, and sweat more.

The hot weather plays a huge roll in summer weight loss. Research has shown that we digest our food more slowly in hotter weather, which leaves us feeling fuller longer.

Continue reading for more reasons why it’s easier to lose weight in the summer.

You can plan an active vacation


“Summer is a typical travel time, but that doesn’t mean you have to sit poolside the entire time you're away! If you’re on a cruise, book an active excursion like ocean kayaking or snorkeling,” Amy Gorin, MS, RDN, owner of Amy Gorin Nutrition in Jersey City, NJ, says. “Visiting a new city? Book a walking tour. Or plan a fitness vacation like a surf camp or yoga retreat. You'll feel good burning some calories!”

You can make a healthy smoothie


“Talk about a weight-loss-friendly meal in a glass! My summer go-to is my Wild Blueberry Peanut Butter Smoothie, which combines fiber-rich fruit and antioxidant-offering wild blueberries with low-fat milk and plain Greek yogurt for protein,” Gorin says. “The smoothie also contains banana for extra fiber, as well as peanut butter for filling healthy fats.” The meal will help keep you full at breakfast time so that you’re less likely to snack throughout the morning, she adds.

Hot weather suppresses appetite


According to research, appetite decreases with heat mostly because the body is trying to keep cool. Heat causes bodily functions to work harder. This in turn results in suppressed appetite. It is also said that we digest our food slower in hotter weather, which leaves us feeling fuller for longer.

You can pick your own produce


“You can make an activity out of eating your fruit. Find a farm near you (try pickyourown.org) that allows you to pick seasonal produce, like berries,” Gorin says. “Then spend a couple of hours picking (you’ll burn some calories!), and go home with a delicious, fresh, and light dessert that you can eat later in the day.”

You can take advantage of the grill


“Grilling isn’t just for burgers and hot dogs! Fire up the grill, and make some healthy flatbread pizza instead of ordering a takeout one,” Gorin says. “One of my favorite healthy pizzas is my Flatout Sweet Potato Cauliflower Pizza, which uses a base of Flatout Rustic White Artisan Thin Pizza Crust for just 120 calories. The pizza is topped with a ‘sauce’ of sweet potato puree for extra fiber, as well as shallots and fiber-offering roasted cauliflower.” You can adapt the recipe to cook it on a grill instead of in the oven for the same amount of time; just close the grill for the last four minutes of the cooking time, she adds.

You sweat more


Sweating is your body’s way of keeping you cool. The heat makes your body sweat, which increases your energy and boosts your metabolism, ultimately resulting in acceleration in the number of calories your body burns.

The weather is gorgeous


“Take advantage of sunshine, and head outside for a walk around the block, a hike on a nearby trail, or a kayak in a close-by lake,” Gorin says. “Invite some friends to join, and make it a fun social occasion!”

You may drink more water


“Drinking water, especially before meals, can help you feel fuller. And in the summer, when the weather is warmer, you may be inclined to drink more water,” Gorin says. “Make it easy to stay hydrated—at meals, keep a pitcher on the table, and refill your water glass frequently.” Bonus: If you stop to sip water every few bites, you’ll likely eat your food more slowly, she adds.

You can have a healthy picnic


“Picnics don’t have to be all about potato salad and cupcakes. You can pack a to-go meal full of weight-loss friendly finger foods. One of my favorite combinations is to fill your picnic basket with whole-grain crackers, which offer filling fiber, as well as Pearls Olives to Go! Black Pitted olives, which provide filling fats for just about 30 calories per single-serve container,” Gorin says. “I’ll also throw in some hardboiled eggs for satiating protein, as well as guacamole for additional healthy fats, and some sliced veggies for dipping.”

You can eat lots of in-season produce


“There are so many delicious fruits and vegetables in season during the summer, and these are all high in water to help keep you full, as well as fiber,” Gorin says. “Halve and salt some tomatoes, grill some peaches (try my Simple Balsamic Grilled Peaches), and slice some cantaloupe.”

Outdoor home maintenance


We tend to get outside more during the summer months and focus on maintaining our homes. For instance, you can lose more weight during the summer by mowing your lawn, watering your garden and washing your windows. Add these summertime maintenance musts to your everyday household chores and you will be burning more calories, and losing weight before you know it.