10 Things You Should Never do at the Gym from 10 Things You Should Never do at the Gym

10 Things You Should Never do at the Gym


10 Things You Should Never do at the Gym


Whether you’re new to the gym or you’re a frequent gym-goer, it’s important to remember proper gym etiquette. Unknowingly, you may be doing certain things that other members find annoying – chewing gum, talking on the phone, grunting and taking selfies are just a few examples.

The gym is a place to focus on your fitness and health, and while that is what the majority of us are trying to do, there are always a few individuals we just can’t help shake our heads at.

While lifting weights will change your life, it can also be a huge distraction to others. Don’t slam your weights down, and make sure you put them away when you’re done using them.

Also, make sure before you hit the gym, you plan ahead. There’s nothing worse than arriving late to a fitness class, it’s embarrassing for you and annoying for the others in the class.

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Never leave your weights around

If you’re going to use weights, you need to learn how to clean up after yourself. After you use them, simply put them back on the rack where you found them. It’s rude to leave your weights around for other people to rearrange and put away.

Don’t hog the machines


We have all been there, patiently waiting for that person to get off of the machine you so desperately want to use. Be aware of how much time you are spending on the equipment, don’t sit on your cell phone or use the machine to stretch. Once you’re done, simply hop off the machine so the next person can use it.

Don’t shower or walk around the locker room without wearing flip-flops

The floor of the gym locker room is full of bacteria. Unless you like stepping in sweat and getting foot fungus, I strongly suggest you wear flip flops in the shower and around the locker room. Tip: Lay a clean towel on the floor while you get dressed, and wear FLEEPS, they are a versatile and fun sandal that you can wear just about anywhere.

Never arrive late to your fitness class


Respecting the rules of your fitness class is very important. Members that arrive late can be incredibly disruptive as they try to find room to drop their mat. If you’re going to attend a class, arrive on time, or better yet, show up a few minutes early. Be courteous of the other members.

Don’t forget to wipe down the equipment


Stop leaving a trail of your sweat on every piece of machinery that you use – it’s just gross and plain disrespectful to your fellow gym-goers. Most gyms have paper towels or sanitary wipes, use them and wipe down the machine after you’re done using it.

Don’t invade someone else’s space


Yes, the gym can be packed at times and there may not be a lot of space to move around. But if you see someone exercising, respect his or her personal space and find a spot of your own. Also, when the gym is empty, and a row of cardio machines is open, don’t pick the treadmill right next to someone else, leave a few machines in between.

Don’t text and walk


Texting and walking is just plain dangerous. There are people working out around you – lifting weights, running, doing aerobic exercises. The chances of you accidently walking into one of them because your head is down in your phone is high. Plus, you won’t only hurt yourself, but you may potentially hurt the other person involved.


Dropping weights


Be respectful of the people that are around you. Dropping weights can cause a loud sound and vibration. It may cause other members to lose their focus. Place them down easily; this will also help you prevent injury.

Don’t spit in the water fountain


One of the most disgusting things you can possibly do at the gym is spit in the communal water fountain. I can’t even believe I have to mention this but, unfortunately, it is common among some gym members. No one wants to bend over the fountain for a drink and see someone else’s snot. It’s just  gross. 


Never walk close to someone lifting


Never walk across or close to someone lifting. You could be potentially hit by weights or accidently hurt the person who is lifting. Make sure you keep a good distance away, or patiently wait for the person to finish before heading in their direction.