10 Easy Ways to Adjust your Workouts to Winter

10 Easy Ways to Adjust your Workouts to Winter


1. Take up a Winter Sport


Have fun and stay fit this winter by taking up a winter sport! According to Cristina Goyanes at Menshealth.com, mountain biking is a great winter sport for calorie burn. In just one hour you burn 1,500 calories! Not into riding around on fast wheels? It’s alright, try cross-country skiing or snowboarding.

2. Don't Give Up

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Don’t give up on yourself! We know, the cold weather can make your workout more difficult. Don’t let that discourage you; your body needs to adjust to the cold weather. You need to continue to push through, and get used to the harsh temperatures in order to get the most out of your workout.

3. Workout With a Friend


For some of us we are less motivated in the winter months. Getting a workout buddy helps you stay motivated, promotes healthy competition and makes your average gym session so much more fun! So, get out there! Find yourself a supportive friend, schedule gym sessions and commit yourself. After all, you can’t let yourself or your friend down.

4.Safety First

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It’s important to remember, your safety is your number one priority. In the Winter months this means, know when it’s time to go inside. Although you can adjust to the cold weather, you need to know when your body has had enough. Do not push yourself to stay outside longer than what your body can handle.

5. Stop Staring at Blue Light

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Sleep is very important to your workout routine, it helps us wake up energized and motivated for the day ahead. Blue light comes from laptops and phones. It is proven that staring into this light before bed will prevent you from falling into a deeper sleep, and has the ability to keep you awake. This being said, turn off Netflix and put your phone away. Get some sleep and wake up eager for your morning workout!

6. Warm Up Indoors


Begin your workout by warming up and stretching inside. It is important to increase your body temperature, and get your muscles pumping to avoid injury. This is extremly important because the cold weather puts a huge strain on your body.

7. Find the Best Footing


Are you an avid runner? It’s important to adjust your routine for the winter. You must be sure that you are picking a path that is safe. This means, staying away from ice, slippery snow and uneven grounds.

8. Focus on One Area at a Time

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This is the time of the year to strengthen your body.  Don’t let that snow storm stop you. Workout indoors, and focus on one area of your body at a time to really get the most out of your workout. 

9. Take Group Fitness Classes

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Get out of the cold and take a group fitness class! Taking a group fitness class is a very effective way to stay motivated this winter. Make new friends, add variety to your workout, burn more calories and have fun!

10. Dress Accordingly


Layer up for the winter! Initially, you will begin your outdoor workout a bit cold. As time goes on and you continue to work out, your body will warm up. Wearing layers gives you the freedom to take off some of your clothes when your body starts to heat up.