Fitness Tips that Will Save You Money

Getting in shape doesn’t have to destroy your budget

Two of the most common resolutions people make—to get fit and to save money—are actually more related than you might think.

Making fitness and health a priority early in life will likely help you save in medical costs down the road, but there are more immediate savings you could be taking advantage of too. You might think that getting fit and all the gear that comes with fitness is expensive. Clothing, shoes and gym memberships can certainly get pricey, but there are plenty of ways to save.

Maybe you don’t have room in your budget for those $150 running shoes or perhaps you’d rather spend that money on something else—there’s no harm in that and you can certainly get a great workout without blowing your budget.

Whether you’re looking to try a new workout or a new way of getting to work, you can save big if you’re willing to be a bit flexible. Fitness should be accessible for everyone and that’s why we put together a list of tips to help you save.

Embrace Body Weight Workouts

This money-saving workout is the top fitness trend of 2015—and it’s tough to argue with a workout plan that has been effective for thousands of years. Body weight workouts are convenient and customizable, they can be done virtually anywhere with no equipment and are completely free. Try these ten body weight exercises to feel the burn and save big.

Find an Exercise Buddy

Friends bring a bunch of benefits to your workout routine—they keep you accountable, push you to work harder and they can even save you money. A knowledgeable friend can be a stand-in for a personal trainer or, better yet, you can team up and split a group session with a certified personal trainer to save some money and get top-notch instruction.

8 Other Fitness Tips that Will Save You Money

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