Fitness Tip of the Week: Step Off the Scale

Weighing yourself less frequently will result in more accurate readings from the scale

If you've been trying to lose weight, you may have noticed that one morning you will weigh your normal weight but the next morning (or even that night) you are 2 to 3 pounds heavier… What's going on? 

Since our weight can fluctuate so much during a single day (due to things like water retention), constantly weighing yourself can really hurt your psyche.

Try this instead: only weigh yourself on Friday mornings. This is a good option because more than likely you have been very conscious of your weight loss goals and have worked hard at exercising and watching what you eat through the week. 

That being said, be careful to not lose focus over the weekend either. Of course, one or two treats won't hurt, but remember to keep your goals at the forefront of your mind.

Ultimately, weighing yourself less frequently and at the same time of day each time will help to assure that the number on the scale is accurate and will hopefully alleviate some of the mental stress that can come along with weighing in.

Josh Anderson is an AFAA Certified Personal Fitness Trainer and the CEO of Always Active Athletics