Fitness Tip of the Week: Make a Map

Fitness success requires making a plan that will help you to reach your goals
Wikipedia/, Licensed under Creative Commons

A goal without a plan is just wishful thinking.

What’s the point of having this great, lofty goal if you never actually create a plan to get from point A to B?

Mapping out how you are going to reach your goals is huge; think of it like a road map. It is the key to your success. 

You don’t have to sit down on the computer and type out an entire year-long plan with every single day planned out, but it would be a good idea to at least decide what you are going to do each month. 

By that I mean create or find a fitness program that you can perform for at least a month. That way you can get it started and know that you are working towards your goals. After a month or two you'll need to reevaluate and figure out if you need to change it up in order to more effectively reach your goals.

But no matter what you're aiming to achieve, right now is as good of a time as any to get started!

Josh Anderson is an AFAA Certified Personal Fitness Trainer and the CEO of Always Active Athletics

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