Fitness Tip: Swim On Land With Bands

Resistance bands can give you a "swimming" workout
Staff Writer

“Can’t get to a pool? Get the same ‘swimming’ experience with resistance cords at home by using traditional lat-pulldowns, which are the best to simulate a front-crawl. Hang a resistance cord over anything (like a door) a few feet higher than your head.

Another great exercise is to hold the resistance band at the center [of your body] with both hands, palms facing upwards, elbows bent at a ninety-degree angle flush to your sides. Then pull the resistance band by separating your hands out to your sides and release back to center.

You can also stand on one end of the resistance band, hold the other side in one hand and with a straight (not locked) arm down by your side palms facing toward the floor, lift your arm directly in front of you up to above your head, then slowly release.”

Kristi Ann Schopfer started out her career as a professional dancer and now works as a Crunch Personal Trainer in New York City. Men’s Fitness named her one of seven “female trainers who can kick your butt.”

As reported by Bethany Marzewski.


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