Fitness Tip of the Day: Turn on the Heat

Why every endurance athlete should try Bikram yoga

“I always suggest that endurance athletes build upon their training with a regular dose of Bikram yoga, which can help tremendously not only with your flexibility but also your efficiency. The cardiovascular component of Bikram classes increases your ability to breathe deeper and build those muscles so you can conserve energy in other workouts. Stretching out your body in the heat also really lets you lengthen your muscles and increase flexibility. Try supplementing your endurance workouts with 90-minute Bikram classes (ideally 5 times a week if you can). You may be surprised to notice that you don’t have to train as hard for your next race.”

—Donna Rubin has been a certified Bikram yoga instructor since 1998 and co-founder of the first Bikram Yoga in NYC, which opened in 2000.

As reported by Bethany Marzewski

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