Fitness Tip of the Day: Stay Invigorated

Pushing yourself to muscle failure might lead to overall fitness failure down the road

"When a lot of people hit the gym, they like to hit it until they absolutely can’t hit it any harder. And I’m not saying that’s wrong. It’s valuable to find out where your limits lie, and it builds character to push yourself to exhaustion, but it also builds character to have fitness success—and it makes you more likely to stick with your routine.

Next time you head out, set yourself up to exceed your expectations—and use that energy to recharge your body and soul. Try turning the last set of each of your weight exercises into a downset—that is, use a weight that’s 50 percent of your max and focus on the speed of the movement. Or, play around with different lifting patterns, reducing the number of reps as the weight increases or vice versa. The key is to leave the gym before you’re totally cooked—and take your energy with you to try something new that adds an extra element of fun. Yoga, swimming, boxing, golfing…heck, whatever. When you’re positive and creative about your fitness routine, when you come back around to pushing your training to muscle failure, you’ll be invigorated to achieve your straight-up fitness goals." 

—Grayson Fertig is a personal trainer at the Chelsea Piers Sports Complex in New York City. He’s also CrossFit Level 1 certified, is a mixed martial arts conditioning coach and uses the energy he doesn’t spend at the gym surfing both around the city and around the world.