Fitness Tip of the Day: The Power of Plank

Are you making a mistake in this full-body move?

“The plank is my favorite move to strengthen your core. It not only helps shape and strengthen your abs, but it protects your lower back and works out your arms as well! For proper form (which, surprisingly, even a lot of fitness addicts botch), bring yourself into a pushup position with your weight on your elbows and forearm—not your hands. Align your body by forming a straight line from the ankles to your head. Squeeze the glutes, contract the core, and force the elbows into the ground as hard as you can. Hold for 30 to 60 seconds. Once you've mastered this position, you can challenge yourself with other modifications such as lifting up one arm or leg.”

—Lauren Gould, founder of 80/20 Wellness, shifted gears from her corporate career to pursue a healthier lifestyle for herself and others. An ACE Certified Personal Trainer, she is also an avid athlete and marathoner.