Fitness Tip of the Day: Plank Your Way to a Tighter Core

The plank exercise is one of the best ways to train your abdominal muscles
Catarina Cowden

Planks have taken over as the go-to exercise for strengthening your core. In days past it was all about sit-ups and crunches, now it’s all about planks!

Planks are so great because they use your own bodyweight to really maintain the stability of your entire core; which is exactly what the core muscles are supposed to do.

And it goes beyond the traditional plank exercise (pictured above), too. Use your imagination and you can create all kinds of great core and full body exercises. For instance, there is also the side plank, planks with rows, planks with leg raises for you glutes, one-legged planks and so much more. The possibilities are endless!

Josh Anderson is an AFAA Certified Personal Fitness Trainer and the CEO of Always Active Athletics.

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