Fitness Tip of the Day: A Better Way to Swim

Total Immersion swimming puts power in your mind

“If swimming is your weak spot in the triathlon, rethink the way you move in the water by studying Total Immersion swimming. Rather than practice traditional swimming techniques, which focus on pulling and kicking to complete that lap or set, think of swimming as a way to push water molecules behind you. As a highly mental, focused practice, Total Immersion swimming stresses balance, stability and streamlining to change the way you think about your movement through the water. Experienced this way, swimming becomes something you enjoy fully in the moment, rather than something you just endure. You might be surprised to find (as other triathletes have) that the mental focus and efficiency acquired through Total Immersion swimming can help you streamline your other two tri disciplines as well.”

—Terry Laughlin has been swimming since 1966 and currently coaches Total Immersion swimming via He has won four U.S. Masters national championships and recently finished his second 28.5-mile Manhattan Island Marathon Swim. Learn more about the technique here.

As reported by Bethany Marzewski.

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