Fitness Tip of the Day: Condition Your Feet

How tender toes can hurt your training, plus how to toughen them up

"As an endurance athlete, you may have experienced the infamous injury known as 'hamburger foot'—damage, blistering, and bleeding that can make your foot look raw and bloodied—after a long race or hike over rugged terrain. To prevent this, you need to condition your feet (just like you would condition your hands when paddling and your butt when biking). To properly condition your feet, try to go barefoot as much as possible and spend long periods of time on your feet, such as hiking with a heavy pack. Going barefoot increases skin thickness and strengthens the intrinsic muscles and connective tissue of your feet. You’ll notice the skin thicken as your feet get stronger, and you should be able to walk comfortably barefoot on most natural surfaces."

Ian Adamson is a 7-time Adventure Race World Champion. He has received Gold, Silver & Bronze Medals at the ESPN X-Games as well as the 3-time Guinness World Record Holder for Endurance Kayaking. Learn more at

As reported by Bethany Marzewski.