Fitness Tip of the Day: Change It Up

If you don't switch your routine up THIS often, you'll stop seeing results

“No matter what your training goals may be, switch up your fitness schedule every month. If you do bench presses for a month, your muscles will get tired of doing same thing, and it’s hard to grow from that. Instead, aim for three different arm exercises each month that hit three different spots. You may find that you need to start again with lower weights to adjust for the new exercises, but as a result, you’ll hit more muscles and have a much more well-rounded regimen.”

—Wendy Fisheris a 1992 Olympian and two-time World Extreme Skiing Champion. She has worked as a ski ambassador at Crested Butte Mountain Resort for the past 16 years. Check out her website,

As reported by Bethany Marzewski.