Fitness Tip of the Day: Building Up

Runners who make this common mistake often end up sidelined

“Runners, take note. As you set your goals for 2013, remember that following a healthy progression in your training can help you run more, race faster, and even stay healthy. Don’t just focus on constantly increasing your mileage or speed—schedule workout time that simply maintains your progress. Most injuries happen during the “building” phase of pushing yourself more, so if you constantly push yourself, you put your body at greater risk. Everything from Achilles tendonitis, runner's knee, ITBS, and stress fractures can occur because of inconsistent training. Consistent training over months and even years is critical if you want to reach your potential as a runner, so avoid the temptation to do too much, too soon, too fast.”

—Jason Fitzgerald is a 2:39 marathoner and USA Track & Field certified coach. He is the founder of Strength Running, where you can get the latest training tips in his free email series.

As reported by Bethany Marzewski