Fitness Tip of the Day: Bikram for Runners

The pose that you need to add to your long run days

“Every time you go on a long run, you put stress on your body by compressing and pounding it into the concrete, so it’s important to keep your body as loose and stretched as possible before and after a workout. Bikram yoga stretches can be a fantastic cross-training element for any athlete, so before your next long workout, try starting with the Bikram Half Moon sequence. Stand upright with your feet together and arms extended with palms together over your head. Then slowly ease into a side bend to the right, back to center, and then to the left. Focus on deep breathing throughout each pose. Move back to center and lean into a vertical back bend, then a forward bend. Run through this sequence twice to lengthen your entire spine and stretch out your hamstrings to enhance your training.”

—Donna Rubin has been a certified Bikram yoga instructor since 1998 and co-founder of the first Bikram Yoga studio in NYC, which opened in 2000.

As reported by Bethany Marzewski