Fitness Tip of the Day: A Better Yoga Breath

A technique to breathe deeper for full-body benefits

“Most people breathe into the ribs, but you’ll get more out of your yoga breathing if you activate your pelvic diaphragm. This area is often weak, which can lead to pain. To spark more nervous system activation, optimize digestion and support the pelvis, try my “Belly Bonfire Breath” in every active yoga pose. On the inhale, keep your spine upright from deep inside the body and find that wave of relaxation that moves down from your ribs through your belly and to your pelvis. On the exhale, squeeze and lift your pelvic floor and pull that action up higher, inside the pelvis. Contract and lift the pelvic floor, diaphragm, abs, then ribs, in a wave from bottom to top.”

—Sadie Nardini, host of Rock Your Yoga on Veria Living network, is a wellness and yoga expert and founder of Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga

As reported by Bethany Marzewski.

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