Fitness Tip of the Day: For Beginners Only

Why you want to add this athlete-favorite exercise to your routine

“When gearing up for long bouts of cardio, try interval training, which involves training at different intensities for certain periods of time. Overloading the body with high intensity exercise will cause positive changes to one's cardiorespiratory system. Workouts with the right intensity, volume, and rest periods will help replenish energy while preventing less lactic acid from accumulating—meaning you’ll feel energized all day and won’t be as sore the next. Finally, interval training has been shown to cause Excessive Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption or EPOC. That is, your metabolism will be revved up and stay revved up for longer than if you were practicing long/slow cardio.”

—Mitch Rice, certified in personal training and corrective exercise training, has been a Crunch Trainer since 2009 and currently works as the Fitness Manager for a gym based in San Francisco. His specialties include TRX and strength training. 

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As reported by Bethany Marzewski.

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