Fitness Tip: After ACL Injury, Work Your Glutes

Side lunges help ACL recovery for skiers

“If you’re returning back to skiing after an ACL injury, be patient with your recovery and don’t just focus on building strength back in your quads. I have been through two ACL surgeries, and the most important recovery exercises were focused on strengthening my glutes. Although you quad is an essential muscle that you’ll need to build back up, it typically receives a lot of attention in those early months, so you’ll regain muscle bulk easily. To strengthen your glutes, use side lunges with resistance bands. Put a resistance band around your ankles while in a squat position. Keep your feet shoulder-width apart and then sidestep (about 14 inches away) with your right foot slowly. Hold that position for 2 seconds then bring the left foot back to shoulder width. Keep your toes parallel and perform the exercise slowly so you keep your strength focused on your glutes instead of your quads.”

Tommy Gogolen is a member of the USA Telemark Team and has been skiing since he was three years old.

As reported by Bethany Marzewski.

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