Fitness Forecast: The 10 Best Ways to Work Out in 2014

The best ways to break a sweat in the New Year

At the start of every year new wonder workouts and fitness fads hit the market with promises of burning away all of your fat in just four weeks’ time and helping you to achieve that “body you’ve always been dreaming of” for just six small payments of $99.99. Do me a favor this year: Don’t buy any of those things.

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There are no quick fixes when it comes to true health and fitness, and unless your goal is as simple as something like buying a gym membership, it’s probably going to take longer than four weeks to accomplish. Plus, buying that membership (or tying up your shoelaces, or booking a spot in your first spin class) is only the first step. Don’t get me wrong, the first step is a great one, but I know you’ve got your sights set much higher.

At the end of last month, The American College of Sports Medicine's Worldwide Survey of Fitness Trends 2014 revealed the top 20 fitness trend predictions for the year to come. Each year, ACSM recruits thousands of professionals working in the health and fitness industry to complete the survey. The long-term purpose is to continually compile data that will help determine which fitness methods are short-lived and which are more likely to continue topping the list with strong staying power. In other words, ACSM aims to identifying which workouts are not only the most popular, but also the most effective.

Some items on the list like “personal training” or “fitness programs for older adults” aren’t necessarily types of exercises but more so industry specific services. Such are not included here. What you will find though, are 2014’s ten best types of training as according to the survey’s final results. Some have tended the top 20 since the initiation of the survey in 2007 and some are brand new, but seem like pretty promising prospects.

No matter what you’re goals are, good health has to include exercise. There’s no way around it. Luckily, there are about a million and one ways to move. Whether you’re an athlete looking for new ways to build strength and speed or a fitness first-timer who’s not quite sure where to start, these are the top ten types of training to try as we exercise into the New Year.