Fishin’ Large on Pocomoonshine

'The only lake we’ve caught largemouth bass on this summer, and I caught a lot of them'
Robin Follette

Tiny Torpedo Bass

We had a few free hours Saturday afternoon so of course we went fishing. Spednic is my favorite place to catch smallmouth bass but you can’t keep them, and variety is good. Last weekend we went to Big Lake and caught a lot of smallies. Yesterday afternoon we hit the road for Pocomoonshine in South Princeton. The boat ramp is great. And so are the kids who stop swimming to clear the ramp and grab the boat or rope and help. I don’t think any of the six kids we met yesterday were older than 10 or 11, and they still pitched in to help.

The water was 76*, mostly sunny sky with a few high clouds, slight breeze. Five or six casts into the afternoon I switched from a plain Zara Spook to a Tiny Torpedo (Bass) and landed a 10″ smallmouth. The Tiny Torpedo weighs only one-quarter ounce so it doesn’t go far, but we were close to shore and it did the job.

We were fishin’ Large on Pocomoonshine Lake. It’s the only lake we’ve caught largemouth bass on this summer, and I caught a lot of them. We drifted away from shore while Steve dealt with a broken line so I switched to this three-quarters ounce lure (I don’t remember the brand or its name, sorry!), cast it out to deep water and played with it. All of the largemouth I caught were on this lure.

We trolled into weeds and caught a few pickerel (fun to catch, good fight but I hate those teeth) and moved further down the lake and over to the opposite shore. It took a few minutes to figure out what was happening over there. Lots of splashes six inches from shore. Bullfrogs chasing minnows? More splashing in the tall, heavy grass. I was never looking in the right spot when it happened. Steve caught a three and a half pound smallmouth (smallie). He lifted it out of the water and just as he reached for it, it fought and spit its lunch…on me.

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