Find Time for Exercise: Tips to Help You Build a Regular Workout Routine

Fitness experts share advice for learning to find and make time for exercise

Exercising every now and then, like when an opportune time pops up in your schedule, isn’t so difficult.

For most, it’s finding regular blocks of time that allow for a consistent workout routine that presents the biggest challenge.

Consult any Pinterest board comprised of “fitness inspiration” and you’ll likely find a “motivational” graphic that attempts to solve this problem with a phrase like, “It’s not about finding time, it’s about making time.”

The advice means well, but it’s basically as helpful as a silent alarm clock.

We like to think it’s more about a little bit of both; finding the time and making the time.

To help you figure out how to make that happen, we chatted with a few fitness experts. Below they’ve shared their top tips for building a regular exercise routine by learning not only to find the time in your day, but also make better use of it.

Move more every day.

“Move, move, move throughout your day and create exercise during normal daily activities,” says  Maria Menounos, E! News host and author of “The EveryGirl's Guide to Diet and Fitness.” She’s lost forty pounds on her own simply by squeezing in little spurts of exercise throughout the day. “Take the long route to the bathroom if you're in an office or park far away from the store when shopping. Take stairs instead of elevators and so on. When you walk, walk at a brisk pace. It’s how I keep in shape. I usually don’t have time to go to the gym.”

Keep workout clothes on hand.

Whether you keep them stored in your office or in the trunk of your car, always make sure to have a spare pair of gym clothes on hand.  “Having clothes at your desk always gives you the option to sneak in a quick workout,” says Ashley Adam, owner of The Dailey Method, a Barre exercise studio in San Diego. “Sometimes leaving your desk and blowing off some steam at the gym will not only help you be more efficient, but it will also leave you feeling happy the rest of the day. There is nothing worse than craving a good workout and forgetting your clothes. Preparation is key.”

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