Finally! A Pair of Skinny Jeans for a Muscular Physique

An Olympic cyclist goes into business to change the blue jean industry

When did muscle go out of style? There’s a reason that some of the most beautiful and intricate sculptures and paintings expose the fine lines created by an athletic physique. But, we live in a world of super skinny jeans, cropped jackets and stylish clothing that fits a specific body type that is a far distance from athletic.

So what are all the Cross Fitters and Bodybuilders to do when they want to put on a well-fitted pair of jeans? Well, a company called Keirin Cut Jeans has designed the answer.

Keirin Cut Jeans was born out of the 2012 London Olympics. During the games, The New York Times published an article that explored why large thighs were necessary among the Olympic level cyclists. Many athletes had similar responses in the article, “‘The picture is definitely real,’ said Benjamin Sharp, the high-performance endurance director for USA Cycling. ‘Cyclists have strange shapes: big quads, small waists and big butts. It’s hard to find pants.’”

One cyclist in particular, Beth Newell, discussed in detail the size of her thighs. When it came to pants, she usually had to get them professionally tailored, and improper measurements were a common mishap.

When Adil Ababaker read the article, he was inspired to reach out to Newell and fix the issue. The two created Keirin Cut Jeans, which hopes to create a brand that fits the athletic physique from cyclists to soccer players and weight lifters to ice skaters. All these athletes should feel comfortable in their jeans.

Keirin Cut Jeans provide “extra room in the quads and butt for those powerful, explosive muscles, all while maintaining a slender waistline.” The company prides itself on incorporating athlete feedback into all steps of the process and has a mission to revolutionize the market for athletic casual wear. It has just launched a crowd-funding program via Kickstarter. It already has pledges of double its goal of $37,796 with plenty of time to go.

There’s nothing like slipping into your favorite pair of jeans. You always feel good and look good, and everyone, no matter what their body type, should get to experience that simple yet sensational feeling.