Filmmaker Turns NYC into a Terrain Park

Casey Neistat rides through city streets and parks on his snowboard

Anyone can complain about the limitations of city living, just like anyone can complain about the unrelenting winter weather. Since snow is only fun when you can ride through it, New York City residents understandably dread the onslaught of deep powder that’s been plaguing the East Coast. New York City Filmmaker Casey Neistat decided to stop complaining and start riding the streets and parks of New York City.

Using a jeep, a tow rope and a snowboard, he took advantage of the poorly plowed areas. In his neon jacket, sans helmet, he finds some friendly snowbanks where he’s able to get some air. Toward the end of the video he uses courthouse stairs and city parks as his impromptu mountain.

Neistat appeared in a show on HBO called the Neistat Brothers. He currently makes films, directs commercials and in his spare time loves making Youtube videos like the one above. Find his Youtube page here.

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