If you picture a workout that really makes you work, it probably includes moves like hill sprints or burpees — known as “high-impact” exercises in the fitness world because they involve literal impact between your feet and the ground. These moves sure seem like they offer the best workout, but don’t discount lower-impact exercises. Low-impact does not mean low-intensity — that’s a fitness myth that needs to die. In reality, while high-impact workouts like running certainly have their benefits, there are all kinds of reasons you might need or want to opt for a low-impact workout instead.

An injury or condition (such as osteoporosis, for example) is a very good reason to avoid crashing your limbs against the pavement. But even perfectly nimble and healthy people might want to opt for a low-impact move now and again. Too much impact can wear at your joints over time and cause injuries later. These workouts don’t have to feel like a sacrifice or like you’re resigning to something easy. Here are 22 low-impact workouts that will still make you break a sweat.