No matter where you live, there's plenty of food right outside your door (or nearby, anyway). Don't believe it? Look no further than Wildman Steve Brill, the outspoken forager who's made a career out of eating his way through New York City's parks. In Central Park alone (where, it should be mentioned, foraging is forbidden), a sharp-eyed forager can find, among other healthy, delicious edibles: gingko and hawthorn berries, quince, cattail shoots, garlic mustard, persimmon, Lamb's-quarters, hackberries, wood sorrel and, of course, dandelions. Don't know what you're looking for? Try downloading Brill's Wild Edibles smartphone app, which contains info on "167 major edibles and 57 look-alikes" (an iPad version includes 800 recipes). Dinner's served!