Karen Grigoryan/Shutterstock

Winter is the best time to visit Grand Canyon. The same trails that are scorching hot and choked with hikers during the high season are cool and virtually untrammeled. The famed reds and oranges and pinks of rock strata laid bare by the 5,000-foot-deep canyon are all the more brilliant against the bright white canvas of snow. As with any time, the best way to experience the enormity of the canyon is to hike down inside it, a much less daunting task this time of year, when buzzards aren't circling overhead, waiting for the heat to overtake you. Be warned, though, that ice persists close to the rim on some trails throughout the winter (read this before you head out). As you work your way deeper into the canyon, though, the snow and ice gives way and the winter sun is a body-warming blessing rather than a heatstroke-inducing curse. Look around you at the deep, ancient geology of the earth and realize that, yes, you are tiny in nature, but all of this is yours.