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“Oh the all you can eat dining plan… From self-serve frozen yogurt to cereal buffet bars, the urge to fill up and go back for more is beyond temping,” says Amanda Russell, a personal trainer and the founder of FitStrongandSexy.com. “Plus, it’s easy to make the wrong food choices.” Russell suggested avoiding buffet binges by always aiming to fill half of your plate with vegetables.

When it comes to dining on campus, Rebecca Kordecki, a certified personal trainer and owner of RK Fit offered the following valuable advice. “Load your plate with colorful vegetables, lean protein sources such as turkey, chicken or fish, and minimize starchy carbs such as white rice, breads, potatoes and pasta,” Kordecki said. “Avoid processed, canned and frozen foods as often as you can. Start drinking seltzer water with lemon or lime rather than a soda with your meals. Avoid sugar, high-fructose corn syrup and other hidden sources of refined sugar.”