“For various reasons, we didn’t use much social media as we traveled. However, it would have been a helpful tool in connecting with other families traveling at the same time, finding local English-speaking expats, or connecting with others who ‘road school,’ meaning their kids get their education purely through what they are doing as they travel. We naïvely expected to run into other families doing the same kind of trip, just as backpackers meet lots of other backpackers. It didn’t work out that way, so it would have been nice to find and be in touch with others, even if remotely. When we did finally connect through friends with a few other traveling families via email and WhatsApp late in our trip, we found it enormously helpful to compare notes and swap travel tips. Do be careful about offering real-time social media updates on where you are and what you’re doing so as to not make yourselves a target. It’s one thing to share everything when you’re on your own, but having kids in the mix completely changes the game. Though you don’t want to be paranoid, you also want to be judicious.”