Epic RTW

“We finally started to travel when our kids were preteens, and while family travel can work at any age, it starts to get tricky as they get older. The ‘tweenage’ time can be difficult, because they’re too old to hang with little kids and too young to be comfortable around older teens. It’s harder to find other kids who are just the right age for them to interact with. And when a kid hits 13, they most likely don’t want to be around their parents all the time — they want to be out asserting their independence — which made the trip a struggle for our oldest, at times. But one great thing about the preteen and teen years is that kids are comfortable being alone! Sometimes, ours preferred to stay in, so my husband and I would leave them in the Airbnb while we went out to sightsee. And when they did make friends, they were able to run around a bit on their own without us hovering in the background. If you go when your kids are between the ages of 9 and 12 — that’s the magic window — they are old enough to remember the trip but young enough to want to be around you all the time. Really, there’s no bad time to go, but I’d say at least try to go before they enter high school.”