In theory, any old mini pump will get you aired up and back on the road, but in practice most pump designs call for a whole lot of monkeying around, and many won’t reach the high pressure needed by road bikes. Moreover, keeping the pump head locked onto the valve stem while you muscle enough force into a pint-sized pump barrel is one of the most awkward tasks imaginable. Plus, if you wiggle a Presta valve stem around enough, its needle-thin valve will quickly snap from the stress, rendering the tube a useless, giant rubber band. It’s not hard to long for a floor pump in these situations—and that’s where the Topeak Road Morph G comes in. The design brilliantly integrates the best aspects of a floor pump—namely, it de-couples the pumping action from the crucial pump-head/valve-stem connection. It also retains the promise of a mini pump—it’s lightweight (220 grams) and portable (only 14-inches long). The Road Morph G’s flip-out base provides a stable pumping platform and the in-line gauges makes it easy to read your pressure rating—all the way to 160 PSI.
$45; topeak.com
—Chris Lesser