Tires belong more in the hardware category than the accessory aisle, but as the lone points of contact between commuters and the actual commute, they’re as important as anything. Let's make it an easy decision—buy Schwalbe Marathon Mondial tires for your commuter bike. Doing so will considerably up your chances of never needing to whip out the pump or the patch kit. Replacing the popular Marahon XR tire in Schwalbe’s lineup—widely regarded as the tire to pick for an around-the-world tour—the new-last-year Marathon Mondial gets the company’s so-called “snake skin” sidewall, for even greater protection, and also now uses a triple-rubber compound (hard in the center, softer on the shoulders) to improve both performance and durability. One noted feature the tire retains: its 360-degree reflective pinstripe. The Marathon Mondial is available in a variety of 26” and 700c sizes in wire and folding bead variations, ranging from $44 to $90.
$44 to $90; schwalbetires.com
Chris Lesser